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1Vice’s $10,000 Super Bowl Squares

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For every $400 deposit you get a 100% Free Play Bonus at 10x Rollover Plus a FREE $100 Square on the Board!

As an added Bonus, there will also be a special drawing of all players entered at half time for $600 at!


Prize Details:

  • 1ST Quarter: $1,250
  • Half Time: $2,500
  • 3rd Quarter: $1,250
  • Full Game: $5,000

How to Get Your Square:

1. Once you have made your deposit, email or with the subject line: “squares” along with your name and 1Vice Acct. #

2. Once confirmed you will receive the login information for you to choose your square(s)

3. All deposits from today until Feb. 7, 2016 are eligible to to receive a square until the grid is filled.

4. All prizes have a 6x rollover

NO JUICE is back again for the 3rd year at 1VICE!!!!!

Once again, 1Vice wants to level the playing field for you this March with NO JUICE for the NCAA Tournament!  1Vice says why Pay Juice?

If you current book does not offer you bonuses and discount betting then you need to move.

Anyone who deposits $1,500 or more from Today until March 13, 2016 will get JUICE FREE BETTING the entire tournament!


All College Basketball will be “WIN WHAT YOU LAY” Bet 100 to win 100. Not Minus 110-, not minus 105.