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1Vice Sportsbook Review

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Reputation: 4.9/5

  • In November 1Vice was re-reviewed by an independent audit and upgraded a full mark, they are definitely moving in the right directions.
  • They had issues in 2012 but seem to have sorted themselves out nicely.
  • The issues they had didn’t involve their integrity. We find 1Vice to be a reputable and trustworthy book.
  • 1Vice is international and allows United States betting!
  • They are one of the few reliable books that Americans have available to wager with.

Personalization: 4.5/5

  • We found 1Vice to be a single-tier sportsbook with no other options.
  • 1Vice runs commercial juice. Considering they’re exclusively a sportsbook, this was somewhat interesting to see that they haven’t branched out at all into other venues of gambling.
  • Their limits are average.
  • 1Vice is really only for the sports bettor as there is nothing else available to bet on.

Bonuses/Promotions 5/5:

  • 1Vice offers standard bonuses like $1 bet = 1 reward point. (points can be cashed in at a later date)
  • 1Vice has many bonuses for customers to take advantage of, but there are extensive conditions attached to them. We had to make sure that we read the terms carefully to understand the rollovers needed and other stuff on those lines.
  • One point we thought was unique and pretty cool was the “Gambler’s Insurance” feature where they state: “Gamblers insurance bonuses are calculated by the amount a person deposits per month. Players can get up to 30% back from the deposits they have made during that month.
    EXAMPLE: if you make 4 deposits with us during the month at say $250 each, that’s $1000 in total deposits.
    On the 1st of the month you are entitled to get back up to 30% , THAT’S $300 BACK INTO YOUR ACCOUNT FOR FREE!!!!”
  • Definitely big points to 1Vice for finding a cool bonus that we hadn’t seen before.

Variety 4.6/5:

  • 1Vice has no variety. They are a sportsbook and that’s it. If you’re a sports gambler, the fact that they’re trustworthy and available in the U.S. is a great thing. There aren’t too many good books around for Americans to gamble with, so 1Vice is a great option.
  • 1Vice has some basic LiveBetting features to look into as well.

Site Layout 4.4/5:

  • Site is not very well laid out. It’s easy enough to navigate but it really doesn’t look that well put together.
  • We found that the odds screen, particularly the live-betting screens, were jumbled together. Example: “-11/2+185u51/2-105” Even professional sports bettors, who do this everyday, will have something to say about this kind of fray.
  • The site is simply too basic. If you’re going to be an exclusive sportsbook, then be the best. This fell somewhat short.

Sign Up Simplicity 5/5:

  • Signing up was simple. With 8 different methods to deposit, there was plenty of choice.
  • 1Vice goes the extra mile and reimburses customers for their deposit fees (usually with a $200 minimum stipulation)

Pay Out Simplicity 4.7/5:

  • 1Vice offers 3 different withdrawal options.
  • Fees for withdrawals range between $40-$100
  • That said, they are trustworthy, although, we noticed that they have some stipulations as to which days of the week they pay out on.

Customer Service 5/5:

  • Customer Service is awesome. They have a live chat feature and they are easily accessible.
  • They are also available through email or phone.


Mobile/Accessibility 4.8/5:

  • We did not find a mobile betting option.


Overall Impression 4.4/5:

While we were thankful that 1Vice handled our deposit fees, the fact that we were stuck with some steep withdrawal fees turned us off a little bit.

While most of the site is fairly plain looking, it’s mostly because there is so little content.

We thought that the Gambler’s Insurance was a very very nice touch and we’d like to see more books adopt that.

Also, this is a relatively newer company, so it needs a chance to grow. We definitely think it’s headed in the right direction, and again, we’re particularly impressed that they handle American accounts.


Total Score: 47.3/50