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San Jose, Costa Rica – The Online sports betting company, which is known for its groundbreaking promotions, is making a move to bring itself closer to its clients.   The intent is to “Open up” the company by keeping them up to date on what is going within the company and the sports betting industry from a personal point of view.
With this in mind, has re-launched and renamed company blog to and created the 1Vice Newsletter as part of their strategic emphasis on keeping in touch with its players.
Previously, the 1Vice staff was limited to communicating with its players and the public through formal website announcements and press releases.  Now, 1Vice will have an open and public means of communication with the public.
The blog will host not only the staff but also a variety of sports handicappers and gambling experts around the world to hear their take on the sports betting industry.  In short, the blog will report news and industry issues that matter to sports bettors.
“A key issue for our blog and our newsletter is to provide greater insight into staff, industry experts and bettors views on topical issues.” said Griffin, the general manager for 1Vice. “With more and more debates around the sports gambling industry in blogs, posting forums and newsletter; the 1Vice Sports blog puts us in the middle of the debate and helps us achieve that objective.”
The views in the blog may not necessarily the views of the company; however, 1Vice believes that having open conversations and debates is the key for the gambling industry to keep on growing and thriving in a positive manner.
The 1Vice Newsletter is meant to be an easy to use tool to facilitate conversation with our players by keeping them up-to-date on what is going with the company without all of the
“We created our newsletter to give our players current news and events about the gambling industry without bombarding them with advertisement and promotions.” said Griffin.  “This is why our newsletter is 90% industry related news and as an extra, once a month we are giving away a free bet in that is exclusive to the newsletter readers!”
To register for the 1Vice Newsletter or for more information about it please go to

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