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Baseball Betting Stats

The following MLB baseball stats and trends have anywhere from a 60% to 100% winning situation or a losing situation from 0% to 30% which could serve as a good "go-against" situation which is also known as “fading” a team, trend, or system. Keep in mind, you should not allow statistical trends to be 100% of your final decision to make your sports picks when handicapping a game. However, keep them in consideration, as these are statistical numbers with facts behind them from real live game situations from the past.

You often hear in sports handicapping, what’s the difference between a ”trend” and a “system”.

A trend is when “one” baseball team is facing one or several past situation, like “winning in August” or “coming off a lost”.

Example: When the New York Yankees are a Home Team in July, vs. a left handed pitcher. Since 1997, they are 22-8 SU and the over-under is 13 overs, 16 unders and 1 push/tie.

A system is very similar, but it’s when “every team” was put in the same situation.

Example: When Any MLB Baseball Home Team is playing at Home in July, vs. a left handed pitcher. Since 1997, The Home Team is 552 wins and 476 loses with the O/U record set at 498 overs, 484 unders and 46 ties.

Updated on 08/06/2007 9:54:16 AM

Team Trends
Team Name :- TORONTO
Query :- When TORONTO team Played as road team as a Underdog - During a night game - Vs NL WEST opponent
SU Result :- 3-8-0
O/U Result :-2-8-1

Team Name :- MILWAUKEE
Query :- When MILWAUKEE team played as a -120 to -140 road Favorite - During the month of June - Vs. Right handed pitchers
SU Result :- 6-6-0
O/U Result :-1-9-2

Team Name :- CHI WHITE SOX
Query :- When CHI WHITE SOX team played as a -100 to -120 home Favorite - 1st game of a series - During the month of June
SU Result :- 9-2-0
O/U Result :-6-5-0

Team Name :- NY YANKEES
Query :- When NY YANKEES team played as a -160 to -180 home Favorite - Vs NL Conference - Vs. Left handed pitchers
SU Result :- 8-2-0
O/U Result :-4-6-0

Team Name :- DETROIT
Query :- When DETROIT team played as a home team - During the 2007 season - During a night game
SU Result :- 8-6-0
O/U Result :-10-2-2

Team Name :- FLORIDA
Query :- When FLORIDA team played as a -120 to -140 home Favorite - After a conference game - 1st game of a series
SU Result :- 20-5-0
O/U Result :-11-11-3

Super Stats
Team Name :- TORONTO
Query :- When ANY MLB Team played as a Road team - Vs. Right handed pitchers - Last 4 years - During the month of June - Coming off a 2 game under - Coming off a day game - Coming off vs. Right handed pitcher
SU Result :- 10-12-0
O/U Result :-18-4-0

Query :- When ANY MLB Team Played as Road team as a Favorite - After a division game - 1st game of a series - Before a non division game - Coming off a Road win - Coming off 1 over
SU Result :- 10-7-0
O/U Result :-13-3-1

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