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The PST's Sports Betting Forums Directory

The Phoenix Sports Ticket is a sports gambling portal that has been online since 1996, and one of itís most popular features at the website is itís posting forum. Sports bettors worldwide unite each day in the posting forum to talk about the sports betting games on tap that day. Not only can bettors post messages each day, they can post their football picks and follow other sports gamblers picks. One of the best features at the PST Sports Handicapping website is when you have a hot gambler; as he or she will normally post their selections each day in the forum and create a cult like following. Plus, itís a good way to get answers to some questions you may have regarding the sports betting industry. Itís free to join the Phoenix Sports Ticket message boards and if you need help on how to post or how to get started, then check out the Frequently Asked Question page.

19th Hole: The PST General Discussion forum is where sports bettors are talking about the state of the sports betting industry.

Ron's Comment: The 19TH hole is where sports bettors like to talk about the state of the online sports betting industry. Furthermore, players can talk about the lesser popular sports like Tennis, Golf, and Nascar Racing in this section. Members are encouraged to create their own topics of interest in this area, as long as it contains to the current online gambling environment. The 19th hole discussion forum has a unique twist to it, as itís creation was based on the perception people just finished their 18 holes of golf and use this forum to talk about basically anything they want, as long as itís in the good taste nature. Basically, itís a lesser Boiler Room, with more of a PG rating!

NFL Football: Talk NFL Football in this area and get in-depth analysis, ats stats and football picks from some of the top sports bettors in the world. Get your football picks here and win your bets this NFL Football season.

Ron's Comment: The NFL football board is one of the most popular message boards at the Phoenix Sports Ticket sports gambling portal. NFL football is king when it comes to the Sports betting industry and nothing gets replies faster then when people start talking about NFL football. The beauty about NFL football betting, itís done once a week and the regular Joe and Jane can handle that workload compared to betting each day like baseball or basketball. Plus, there seems to be more betting options available to sports bettors when it comes to football, as gamblers can bet on football pools, parlays, super bowl props, teasers or join the PST & Bookmaker.com $25,000 NFL football contest. Get ready for some football, as this is the most popular forum when they kick off the NFL in September.

CFB College Football: Watch ESPN Game Day on Saturday mornings and monitor the College Football forum at the same time. NCAA Football information right at your finger tips.

Ron's Comment: The second most popular message board is the College Football posting forum, as sports bettors have a special tie to their Universities and Colleges in the United States and itís really fascinating to see some peoples true colors come out on Saturdays when their alumni takes the college football field. Bettors are talking about the Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan Wolverines, Texas Longhors, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, USC Trojans and hundreds of other popular Division 1, 2 and 3 schools. Get ready for another profitable college football betting season and talk about it in this chat area.

MLB Baseball: Talk about today's Baseball games in the MLB section and see which starting pitchers to bet on today. Stats, Trends and picks are waiting for you in the baseball forum!

Ron's Comment: During a slow betting season, gamblers like to take Baseball with a grain of salt, as itís a daily sports betting activity that can have itís highs and lows. Baseball bettors seem to love betting baseball, as there is more games to breakdown from a statistical point of view and you have more stats and trends than you can shake a stick at. People talk about the Barry Bonds home run chase in this section and they love to talk about the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox rivalries. Most sportsbook have a Ė120 baseball lines, but if you keep an eye out, you can find some sportsbook who put out a baseball dime line. Get involved in the baseball world, as itís a great primer for the lead in to the NFL Football season.

NBA Basketball: Bet on the NBA and share your basketball tips and picks with other sports basketball bettors in this chat area. Start your own NBA Blog each day in the PST Basketball forum.

Ron's Comment: We are slowly seeing the changing of the guards in the NBA Basketball league and sports bettors are starting to be big Lebron James fans. The NBA Basketball forum has basketball bettors talking about the regular season basketball games and some gamblers have their favorite basketball sportsbook to bet with. Most of the threads in this posting forum are bettors posting their picks on why they like the Cleveland Cavaliers Ė3.0 at home vs. Detroit during the finals and itís this type of interaction you will find in the NBA room. Plus, most sportsbooks post up special prop bets such as, will Lebron James score more than 30 points in a game or will Tim Duncan have more than 7 rebounds during the NBA Finals. Start your own Basketball group in this posting forum.

CBB College Basketball: Cover the College Basketball season at the Phoenix Sports Ticket College hoops forum. Every year CBB teams fight to make the March Madness tournament and our sports gamblers are talking about the top 65 teams to make the dance.

Ron's Comment: One of the best times of the year is when teams play in the March Madness tournament. Basketball fans from all over the world get into bracketmania and bettors like to enter their brackets during tournament time. People in the College Basketball sports forum like to break down each round from the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and the final four each year. If youíre a Duke Blue Devils fan, then you will find other Cameron Crazies in this message board area. Talk about the next upcoming College Basketball season in this posting area.

NHL Hockey & CFL Football: Talk NHL Hockey or CFL Football in the Canadian bacon forum. Make your hockey and CFL picks each day in the Canadian bacon forum and bet those picks at your favorite Phoenix Sports Ticket sponsor.

Ron's Comment: In this forum you will find a big contingency of Canadians, as Hockey is their national sports, as football is to our American neighbors. The NHL hockey season starts in October and the Stanley Cup finals is now played right into June. Plus, once the Stanley Cup is over, hockey bettors turn into Canadian Football League gamblers, as the CFL is one of the most exciting brands of football right after the NFL. Betting on CFL football seems more easier to some, as you only have 8 teams to follow, compared to 32 in the National Football League. Canadian Handicapper Ron Raymond has a great following come CFL season, as his 5* CFL best bets are a bookies nightmare, as Ron has had 7 winning seasons in a row! Talk about the NHL and CFL in this posting forum.

Horse Racing: The Triple Crown is a special event each season and start your own horse racing community in this forum. Use the Horse Racing Forum to talk about the Triple Crown or the Breeders cup.

Ron's Comment: One of the most exciting times of the year is when they start the Triple Crown in Lexington Kentucky with the Kentucky Derby. Barbaro stole our hearts last year and Street Sense brought the true meaning of a champion by coming from last to first to win the 2007 Kentucky Derby. Curlin won the Preakness in í07 and the Belmont stakes is right around the corner. Plus, horseracing bettors will have a few months to handicap the Breeders Cup, as itís normally in November. If you live in Canada, Woodbine Racetrack is the place to be to catch a race and see the Queens plate. Talk about horse racing in the PST Horse Racing posting forum.

Soccer & Tennis: Get your Soccer and Tennis fix in this forum. Talk friendlies or the European cup futbol in this message board. The Eagle is one of the top soccer guru's in this forum.

Ron's Comment: One of the most followed sports in the world is soccer or futbol as itís known across the pond and people just go crazy for the World Cup. Soccer fans talk about the English leagues, friendlies, and international competitive soccer games in this soccer message board area. AC Milan won the UEFA Champions League in í07 and gamblers are already talking about the upcoming EURO Championship in í08. Talk about David Beckham coming to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy in this posting forum and see who will win the MLS Soccer championship. Furthermore, one of the most lucrative types of betting is Tennis betting, as some tennis gamblers have done very well during the years in betting on Tennis. Itís not one of those sexy type betting sports, but you are starting to see allot of more appeal at the Tennis stage.

Boxing and UFC Fight: Is UFC taking over the fighting world? Talk about it in this fight forum.

Ron's Comment: I donít think thereís a sports growing faster then UFC Fighting and sports bettors are talking about this emerging sport in the UFC Fight forum. Mainstream media is starting to recognize this sports a bit more and you will start seeing the changing of the guard when it comes to boxing or UFC fighting. Sportsbooks have started posting UFC Fighting odds and players are betting on these fights and talking about it in the UFC Fighting posting forum. Boxing is trying to stay alive, but without a real heavyweight champion, they will be the white elephant sooner than later. Start your own fight club in this forum and talk about the next UFC champion.

Boiler Room: The everything goes forum is right here in the Boiler Room. PST Posting Forum members are posting anything that is on their mind in this forum. Post Jokes, Youtube video's, pictures or just read about another Pete Rose story.

Ron's Comment: Hereís a more uncensored version of the 19th hole posting forum, where gamblers talk about things you might hear in a bar or strip joint. The Boiler room forum will tolerate just about anything, except for topics that can turn your forum into a ghost town like Politics, Religion and Racism. If youíre in a need of a good pick me up joke, the Boiler Room posting forum is normally the place to get a good laugh or view some interesting pictures posted by our forum members.

Babe of the Day Forum: The mens cryptonite forum! enough said I guess...Who's your favoite eye candy girl? Julie Hinton or maybe the UMM Girls? Post your favorite babe of the day in this forum and see if you can keep up with the boys top calendar girls.

Ron's Comment: If youíre married, then the Babe of the Day forum is a look but not touch type forum. One of the most popular posting forum, but you wonít get too many replies, as most gamblers feel their wives are right behind them when they are viewing this section, but thank god for single guys! In the babe of the day forum, we like to keep the eye candy tasteful, so that is why you will never see a beaver shot, as things can escalate to the extreme when you post beautiful women. Post your favorite babe of the day and stay away from those little blue pills!

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