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Greatest Sports Betting Secrets
Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets will make you an educated and superior sports bettor. Here's a direct link to Learn more.

Top Sportsbooks

Learn more about the best sportsbooks in the industry, as Ron Raymond gives you his sportsbook review on the following top sportsbooks.

Sportsbook URL:

Phone Number: Toll Free (US & Canada only) 1-877-321-WINNOW (1-877-321-9466)
Location: Costa Rica
Since: 1987

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football betting
Sportsbook URL:

Phone Number: 1-888-238-3279
Location: Costa Rica and the UK.
Since: 1996

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Up to 200% Casino Deposit Bonus
Up to 60% Deposit Bonus
20% Buddy Referral
10% Casino Rebate
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Learn how to open a betting account with SBG Global Sportsbook.
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Phone Number: Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-274-8313
Location: Costa Rica
Since: 1996

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Justbet June campaign offers 40% FREE-PLAY BONUS from June 1st to June 30th. Applies for new and existing clients. Must rollover 9 times before withdrawal.

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Bodog Bonus
Sportsbook URL:

Phone Number: Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-866-591-0083
Email: Contact us email form
Location: Kahnawake, Quebec (Morris Mohawk Gaming Group.)
Since: Founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre

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To receive a 10% Cash Bonus on your initial deposit, simply deposit $20 or more into your Bodog account online, or $50 or more over the phone. 110% Poker Sign-up Bonus: There's never been a better time to play poker at Bodog! For a limited time, we are offering new poker players a 110% match signup bonus.

Bet online with one of the top Sportsbook in the industry – bet with Bodog Sportsbook
Sports betting at
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Phone Numbers:
North America 1-800-632-6088
International +506-2282-1004
Fax from North America 1-800-201-4919
Outside NA Fax 1-208-567-3627
Location: Netherlands Antilles on the island of Curacao.
Since: 1996

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How to make Money using the Streakcatcher

  • Authored by 4-Time Champion Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

*Note: Before we get started, you will need to register for a free Streakcatcher account, then once you have created your profile, return here to read this article on how to make money playing Streakcatcher! Nothing beats winning on a daily basis!

Potentially Earn $800 in 7 Days at Sports Betting!

handicapper Ron Raymond Ask yourself this question and be 100% honest with yourself... am I betting because I just want action on the game right now or am I serious about making money in the long run?

The number one rule about making money at sports betting; know how much money you can afford to bet on each game. I’ve seen it over and over again the last 15 years.

You make a $250 deposit into your account, and within 7 days, you’ve already brought your account to zero! I’ve seen it again and again and to be honest, I use to be one of those bettors. You're always trying to find the winning way or cycle to make money. However, I’ve learned the hard way to make money and I’m going to share with you "one of the best ways" to make money at sports betting.

Here’s the hard part, you will need to trust me and I say this in the most respected manner possible, “keep your ego checked at the door, and get ready to follow other people’s picks.” This will take half the stress away and it will save you countless hours of handicapping.

If you’ve agreed thus far, keep reading.


Step #1; Deposit $500 into your account.

Step #2: Create a free Streakcatcher account at Phoenix Sports.

Step #3: You will wager 5% of your bankroll during each cycle.

Are you are ready to make some money betting on sports? More importantly, you will have fun doing it!

How the Betting Cycle Works

Parity in sports has made it impossible to win on a consistent basis, once you’ve come to realization about this fact; you’ve won half the battle. Nobody wins at a 60% or higher rate anymore, nobody! The way the system works nowadays, you have to follow the hot hand and the person who’s got the golden horse shoe is the “person of the hour”.

The Streakcatcher is the perfect system to use because it keeps track of people who are on a winning streak and the picks will always be either -110 with the spread for football (NFL, CFL, NCAAF) and basketball (NBA, NCAAB ) and for hockey, soccer and baseball, it will be -125 or lower or underdog money.

Wait until a player reaches 4 or more wins in a row at the Streakcatcher at Phoenix Sports and then start stage #1 of your betting cycle.

Here's an example on how you would do this with a $500 bankroll.

Investment Cycle Stage

(During the first 2 days of the investment cycle stage, our goal is to get our original investment back and to wager with house money after.)

Day #1: Bet $25 on the Streakcatcher pick (Pick wins – Continue)

Day #2: Bet $25 on the Streakcatcher pick (Pick wins – Continue)

*Note: As you can see, we wagered $25 on day #1 and #2, because you want to put your initial wager of $25 back into your account on Day #2, as this is your original deposit and now you are betting with house money the rest of the cycle. Profitable Cycle Stage

Day #3: Bet $50 on the Streakcatcher pick (Pick wins – Continue)

Day #4: Bet $100 on the Streakcatcher pick (pick wins – Continue)

Day #5: Bet $200 on the Streakcatcher pick (pick wins – Continue)

Day #6: Bet $400 on the Streakcatcher pick (pick wins – Continue)

Day #7: Bet $800 on the Streakcatcher pick (pick wins – stop and start over)

Keep in mind, there comes a time when you have to know when to stop, because greed will eventually ruin your betting experience in the long run. Now, if you make it to Day #7 of the cycle and win, you just won $800 on a $25 initial investment. Take a few days off, enjoy your success and then start up again.

Plus, there’s going to be times when your Streakcatcher player you’re following is going to lose during the cycle, but if you’ve made it to day #3 of the cycle, you’ve broke even and you can start over again. It’s important we get to Stage #3, as this is the profit stage of the system. Once you’re pick loses, then start over again on another person who is hot.

As you can see in this system, you are always following a winner, somebody who is hot and has proven themselves with their last 4 picks. You don’t want to jump on somebody who’s just won 1 or 2 picks in a row, they haven’t proven themselves yet.


Here’s the best part about using the Streakcatcher program and betting your cycles at Remember, you can play Streakcatcher yourself and try to get your own streak going and every time you win 7 picks in a row, will give you another $250 free play into your betting account. Therefore, you just made $800 using our system by following somebody's winning streak and in 7 days, you just made over $1050 using our Streakcatcher system, if you won 7 picks in a row.

*NEW PLAYER BONUS: Keep in mind, if you’re a new member, they will give you another 20% sign up bonus for being a new member. Deposit $500 and they will give you $100 more into your account.

How to Join and Streakcatcher

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How to Fund your Sportsbook Account

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