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bet on Stanley Cup

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Stanley Cup Payout Odds

Ron Raymond’s NHL Stanley Cup Prediction Game #5

Pittsburgh – Detroit: UNDER 5.5 -105

Keys to selection: I have too much respect for this Red Wings team to bet against them, as this series have taken a momentum shift and it seems to be a homer series now. Therefore, as proven in Game #4, a mistake can change the whole atmosphere of a game, as was the case in Jordan Staal’s short handed goal, let’s play the UNDER.

I believe you will see a chest matchup again this evening with coaches matching up lines and no player will want to take a stupid penalty to cost their team the game. I’m expecting a very cautious game this evening and look for a conservative game from both teams. 3-2 Final score in OT seems to be what my gut feeling is telling me.

Stat of the Game: When PITTSBURGH played as any home/road team - During Current Season - With SU Record of 2 Win 1 Lost in L3G; The UNDER is 24-14-1 for the Penguins in this situation this season.

Ron Raymond’s NHL Stanley Cup Prediction Game #4

Detroit vs. Pittsburgh: UNDER 5.5 +100 (Game #4)

Keys to selection: The Penguins in my view have been the better team in the first 3 games of the series and if you look at the Red Wings goals in Game #1 and #2, they were from unexpected sources and they were what you call “fluke” goals.

The more this series goes along, the more I feel we are going to see both teams gripping their sticks and playing more defensive. Every goal and win at this point on, will have a huge psychological and momentum edge to both teams and nobody will want to be that player to make the next mistake.

Both goalies are in a zone and playing well, that I don’t see this being a high scoring affair. Play the UNDER.

How to Bet on the 2009 STANLEY CUP

Step 1: Open a betting account at

Step 2: Fund your account with your credit card.

Step 3: Once logged in, click on “Sportsbook” in the top left hand corner.

Step 4: Select Sport: NHL

Step 5: Find your options ie; Game bet, Props, O/U

Step 6: Make your bet and confirm it!

Ron Raymond’s NHL Stanley Cup Prediction

Pittsburgh PK -145 vs. Detroit (Game #3)

Keys to selection: The Pittsburgh Penguins were down 0-2 in the 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Finals to the Red Wings and fought back to make a series out of it vs. the Wings. I feel were going to see the same scenario play out this year and the Penguins have a better team in this years Final, compared to last season.

The Penguins in my view, have been the better hockey team on the ice and their star players have been better then the Red Wings skilled players. Detroit has received some good goaltending from Chris Osgood, but their big name stars have been below average. Look for the home crowd to give the Penguins some jump in their skates in the first period and should they open up a few goal lead, it should carry them to victory.

I get the feeling from Game #1 and #2, this might well be a “homer series”. Play the Penguins tonight.

Final Score: Pittsburgh 3 Detroit 2

Stanley Cup Tips

When PITTSBURGH team played as Home team as a Favorite - Last 3 years - 3 games in 4 nights; The Penguins are 17-4 SU in this role the L3Y.

When PITTSBURGH team played as a home team - Last 3 years - Vs Western conference opponent; The UNDER is 17-4-3 for the Penguins in this spot L3Y.

NHL Stanley Cup Game 3 - Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Game Line
bet on Stanley Cup

Hockey Propositions

NHL Stanley Cup Game 3 Props June 2, 2009 – Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Team to win the opening faceoff

  • Detroit Red Wings -115
  • Pittsburgh Penguins -115
Team to score the first goal in the game will be
  • Detroit Red Wings +105
  • Pittsburgh Penguins -135
Time of first goal will be
  • Over 10 minutes +100
  • Under 10 minutes -130
Will the team who scores first win the
  • Yes -200
  • No +170
Will the game go into
  • Yes +300
  • No -350
First team to score 3 times will be
  • Detroit +160
  • Pittsburgh +100
  • Neither +320
Which period will more goals be scored
  • 1st period +110
  • 2nd period -140
Franzen vs Crosby - most pts scored goals+assists
  • Johan Franzen +150
  • Sidney Crosby -180
Zetterberg vs Malkin - most pts scored goal+assist
  • Henrik Zetterberg +140
  • Evgeni Malkin -170
NHL Stanley Cup Game 3 Props June 2, 2009 - General Props
Player to score the first goal in the game
  • Johan Franzen +900
  • Evgeni Malkin +700
  • Sidney Crosby +700
  • Henrik Zetterberg +1100
  • Pavel Datsyuk +1200
  • Bill Guerin +1400
  • Daniel Cleary +1200
  • Marion Hossa +800
  • Ruslan Fedotenko +1200
  • Chris Kunitz +1200
  • Miroslav Satan +1800
  • Max Talbot +2000
  • Mikael Samuelsson +2000
  • Jiri Hudler +2000
  • Field +300

2009 Stanley Cup Finals - Series Prices

Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

The Las Vegas Sportsbooks and the Offshore Sportsbook have released their Stanley Cup odds and to no surprise, the Detroit Red Wings are a -160 favorite to win the 2009 Stanley Cup. The Offshore Sportsbooks I visit opened the Red Wings at -150 and the line has been bet up to -160.

For novice Sports bettors, this means you would need to wager $160 on the Red Wings to win $100. If you bet $100 on the Pittsburgh Penguins, they will pay out $140.

2009 Stanley Cup odds

  • Detroit Red Wings -160
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +140
*Note: I will have more Stanley Cup odds and proposition odds later on this evening.

Stanley Cup Playoff Picks (Round 3)

Hockey Handicapper Ron Raymond The Eastern and Western Conference finals are now set and the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Carolina Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference and the Chicago Blackhawks will travel to the Motor City to take on the defending Stanley Cup champions Detroit Red Wings.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Carolina Hurricanes have something in common going into these Conference finals, they both arrived here by winning an important Game #7 on the road as big Underdogs. The Penguins won easily over the Capitals on their home ice 6-2, while the Canes brought the Bruins to Overtime and won 4-3 on Scott Walkers overtime winner.

The Chicago Blackhawks are coming off a very physical and hard fought battle vs. the Vancouver Canucks and won their series, 4 games to 2. Meanwhile, the Detroit Red Wings were taken to the 7 game limits by Jonas Hillier and the Anaheim Ducks.

The Bookmakers are showing a ton of respect to the defending Stanley Cup champion by making them a +125 favorite to win the Stanley Cup. Meaning, if you wagered $100 dollars on the Red Wings to hoist Lord Stanley’s cup, you would net a $125 return. Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are the second team to be favored by Las Vegas, as the linemakers have made them a +250 underdog to win and the young Chicago Blackhawks are +300 to win the cup.

What’s really throwing me off is the odds on the Carolina Hurricanes at +500, because with the way Cam Ward has been playing in nets for the Hurricanes, he’s my top choice right now to win the Conn Smyth MVP trophy for the most valuable player in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In fact, to make the Canes a +500 underdog has sent a huge red flag up in my camp and as much as I predicted the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup at the beginning of these playoffs, I’m going to have to adjust my selection on the fly as they say in hockey. In fact, if any of my clients bought some futures tickets on the Penguins to win the cup, this would be your perfect hedging situation and to start putting your money on the Canes, because they are the team to beat in my view right now.

Carolina is getting outstanding goaltending right now and what’s more impressive, they are able to rise to the occasion when their backs are up against the wall and the patience and calmness Cam Ward can display in nets is contagious to his teammates. In fact, the way Cam Ward is playing right now, people in Canada are already making him the favorite to win the starting goaltending job for the 2010 Olympic games.

As for the Chicago vs. Detroit series, the Red Wings are going to find out the 7 game series vs. the Ducks will be the main reason why they will lose this series. After the 7th game on Thursday, both Chris Osgood and Dan Clearly stated this was the most physical series they ever played and it was a tiring affair. The worst part now, the Blackhawks are just as physical, but they are faster and have more offensive weapons up front. Not to mention a goalie that’s won a Stanley Cup in 2004 with the Lightning.

2009 NHL Playoffs - Series Prices

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Detroit Redwings
  • Chicago Blackhawks +165
  • Detroit Redwings -195
Carolina Hurricanes vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Carolina Hurricanes +165
  • Pittsburgh Penguins -195
Game #1: Sunday, May 17 2:05 pm
  • Chicago Blackhawks +160 -120
  • Detroit Red Wings -180 5½ +100
Game #1: Monday, May 18, 2009
  • Carolina Hurricanes +170 +100
  • Pittsburgh Penguins -200 5½ -120

Stanley Cup Odds to Win the 2008 - 2009 Stanley Cup

  • Red Wings +125
  • Penguins +250
  • Blackhawks +300
  • Hurricanes +500

Stanley Cup Playoff Picks (Round 2)

Hockey Handicapper Ron RaymondRon Raymond is one of Canada’s top hockey handicappers and he predicted at the beginning of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins would win the NHL Stanley Cup and their payout was +1415. If your new to sports betting, this means in order to make $1415 dollars, you would have to wager $100 on the Pittsburgh Penguins prior to the playoffs and if they should win, then they would payout $1415 dollars.

One of the best ways to make money betting hockey, is to zone in on 2 or 3 teams prior to the playoffs and start hedging your bet when the opportunity is right. In 2004, I predicted the Calgary Flames to win the 2003/04 Stanley Cup at 44/1 odds and I was able to edge my bet once they reached Game #7 vs. Tampa Bay. What I did at the beginning of the playoffs, I wagered $500 on the Flames and by the time they reached the end of the line, I wagered enough money on Tampa Bay in Game #7 to squeak out a $3000 profit. This way, if Calgary would have won, my futures wagered would have made some money, but since I wanted to cover all my angles, I placed a wager on the Lightning and it paid out.

Ron Raymond's Second Round Prediction's

Hockey Handicapper Ron RaymondBet all your playoff hockey games at and tell them Ron Raymond sent you and check out their great loyalty rewards program to receive great gifts. Plus, deposit $300 or more and receive get a 20% sign up bonus.

If you're looking at betting on who will win the Stanley Cup, I'm still recommending the Pittsburgh Penguins at +400. For example, if you lay $100 at and the Penguins win the Cup, you will win $400 dollars. Plus, I like the Vancouver Canucks to represent the Western Conference and they are paying $715 for every $100 wager. Therefore, should Pittsburgh and Vancouver make the finals; you're guaranteed a $200 profit or a $515 profit.

Make sure you check out each and every day, as I'm currently on a 8-2-2 SU run the last 8 days with my members picks.

*Note: The following predictions were posted on before the start of the second round.

NHL picks (+165) playoff hockey picks (-195)

Ron's Analysis: The Boston Bruins are in the same boat as the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings; they are guilty of finishing off their opponent too early in Round #1. If there's one thing hockey players want to do during a tournament, they want to keep playing, as time off is not good for timing during the early games of a series. Being off this long, you sort of lose the momentum you received from the prior series and must start all over from scratch. However, for the Carolina Hurricanes, the way they won their last 2 games, they could be caught in a letdown situation in Game #1, but they have in my view, the hottest goalie in hockey the last 45 days. Carolina is 13-5 SU the last 45 days and goaltender Cam Ward is playing like he did when he won the cup in 2006. The Bruins can play any type of hockey; they can play a fast pace game and they can play a physical type game as well. However, the Bruins can't get caught up in a physical and scrappy type games, because you have guys like Lucic who can over due it and be vulnerable to taking stupid penalties and getting suspended like he did in the first round of the playoffs vs. Montreal. Boston strength is their defense, Chara is the key to the Bruins defense and guys like Ryder and Kessel will need to continue their scoring ways. At this point of the year, the Canes have the advantage in nets and they are the leagues most disciplined hockey team which will force Boston to win their games 5 on 5, as the Canes don't want the Bruins to use their great power play units. Take the Canes at +165.

Ron's Prediction: Carolina in 7 games.

NHL picks (+100) hockey picks (-125)

Ron's Analysis: From a Marketing perspective, this will be the best Series of the Playoffs, as you have 3 of the greatest hockey players in the world on one sheet of ice. The Washington Capitals were not consistent in their series vs. the Rangers and were out played in the first and second period vs. New York in Game #7, but good goaltending won them that game. In fact, Capitals tough guy Donald Brashear missed Game #1, #2 and #7 and those were the Caps worst games, so I'm thinking from a psychological point of view, when the Capitals don't dress their team body guard, the Capitals are a totally different team, as you didn't see Ovechkin run around and start nailing people like he did in Game #3, #4, #5 and #6. Washington's goaltender Simeon Varlamov played decent, but it's tough to back a team with a unproven playoff goalie and clearly the edge goes to the Penguins in this department. The Penguins are deeper at the forward positions in my view and Mike Green seems to have taken too many hits in Game #6 and #7 and look for the Penguins to pound him during the first few games. The Penguins can match the Capitals at the forward and defensive position and they have the better playoff goaltender who can steal them a road game. Washington was 3-1 SU vs. the Penguins during the regular season, but things are different now that head coach Dan Bylsma is running the show. Great value on the Pittsburgh Penguins at +100!

Ron's Prediction: Pittsburgh in 6 Games.

NHL picks (+240) hockey picks (-300)

Ron's Analysis: Ken Hitchcock was on a Toronto radio station last week and he was talking about his first round playoff experience for the Columbus Blue Jackets against the Detroit Red Wings and he gave the listeners some great insight. He stated one of the main reasons his team lost in 4 straight was the fact the gas tank was empty and the last 60 days was basically their playoff run and they had nothing left in the tank emotion wise to give the Red Wings a competitive series. Another factor he harped on was the size of the Red Wings forwards and the speed they have up front. He didn't realize how big guys like Hossa, Franzen and Holmstrom were and how they were able to turn it up a notch in the playoffs. As for the Ducks, they have what I like to call the “4 horseman” on the blue line; Whitney, Beauchemin, Niedermayer and Pronger. Anaheim slept walked the first ¾ of the season and have really turned the meter to go the last 45 days by going 14-6 SU in that time span. The Ducks were able to intimidate the Sharks with their physical play, but that's not going to fly against this veteran Red Wings team who will not back down from players like Pronger and Getzlaf. Plus, if guys like Corey Perry start running around with their elbows up like he did in Game #6 vs. the Sharks, he will get a quick wake up call. From a betting point of view, I cannot recommend you lay -300 to win $100 in this series, but I'm picking the Red Wings to win this series. Hillier is the big question mark in my view and the Ducks will need to get the first goal of the game if they intent to win this series. Bottom line, the team that scores first in each game, will win that game and they will need 4 games to win the series.

Ron's Prediction: Detroit in 5 games.

NHL picks (+110) hockey picks (-135)

Ron's Analysis: The Vancouver Canucks have been the hottest team in the National Hockey League the last 90 days. In fact, the Canucks are 27-10 SU the last 90 days, 18-7 SU (Last 60 Days) and 14-5 SU (Last 45 days). Obviously, Roberto Luongo is the Canucks most valuable player, but its players like Burrows and the Sedins who played a great support role in Round 1, mostly because they've shown some grit to muck it out in their series vs. the Blues. Another key factor is Sami Salo, he's fighting a groin injury, but he was valuable to the Canucks at the blue line with his 4 points in 3 games. Beggars can't be choosers, but I'm sure the Canucks would have liked to finished off the Blues in 5 or 6 games, because now their “game timing” could be off in their first game vs. the Hawks. Chicago used their team speed and great goaltending to beat an injury riddled Flames teams and I'm still worried about their ability to play on the road vs. a defensive team like Vancouver. Nikolai Khabibulin is 6-16-2 SU vs. the Canucks in his career and Luongo is 9-6-1 SU vs. the Hawks and he's 19-5 SU at home. The last time these two teams met, the Canucks won 4-0 in a very high spirited affair and this series could resemble that last game which would make for good drama from the old lazy boy! In the end, it's going to boil down to the Canucks defense vs. the Hawks speed and inexperience. Plus, from a betting perspective, this is great value to bet on Vancouver at -135.

Ron's Prediction: Vancouver in 6 games.

Now that the first rounds of the playoffs are done, here are the betting payouts if one of the following 8 teams were to win the Stanley Cup. The Detroit Red Wings are the defending Stanley Cup champion and they will have their hands full against the Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim are the 2007 Stanley Cup Champion and they still have their core defensemen in their line up and guys like Scott Niedermayer, Chris Pronger and Francois Beauchemin will anchor that blue line.

The Vancouver Canucks are currently +545 to win the Stanley Cup and with Roberto Luongo in nets, the Canucks will have a shot to win every game and they could go all the way in the western conference.

The Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins are two of the most exciting teams in the Eastern conference and when you have Ovechkin, Malkin, and Crosby all on the same sheet of ice, you will have a great NHL Playoff series. The Pittsburgh Penguins are Ron Raymond’s choice to win the 2009 Stanley Cup.

NHL Parlay Payouts

One of the most popular forms of NHL betting is called a Hockey parlay. When a player parlays a bet, this means they’ve combined anywhere from 2 to 10 teams on a single ticket and the payout is higher. This form of betting is very popular in football, as bettors like to keep an interest in a few games and if they have a pick on each game they can view, it keeps them interested.

Here’s an example of a NHL hockey parlay. What you do is take the payout of each team a bettor wants to wager on and then calculator it with the bookmaker’s odds ratio and then add your dollar value. A great site to see how much your parlay would payout is at

  • Montreal Canadiens -140
  • Boston Bruins -140
  • Edmonton Oilers +120
  • Chicago Blackhawks +160
  • Washington Capitals -110
A $20 dollar wager on these 5 teams would payout $621.82 dollars.

*Sports Handicappers Tip: Bet on Ron Raymond's Stanley Cup picks here…

Stanley Cup payoutPlace a bet on the Stanley Cup Playoffs Here

stanley cup playoff payouts
    Stanley Cup Facts
  • What: The Stanley Cup
  • When: Established in 1893
  • Where: Eastern Conference winner vs. the Western Conference winner.
  • 2008 Stanley Cup Winner: DETROIT RED WINGS
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NHL HOCKEY: - Stanley Cup ODDS

Each year, Las Vegas and Offshore Sportsbook release odds on who will win the Stanley Cup and the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup odds are listed.

Stanley Cup payoutPlace a bet on the Stanley Cup Playoffs Here


The Anaheim Ducks and the Carolina Hurricanes were the only teams in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs to create an upset in their series, as Anaheim won against the San Jose Sharks in 6 games and the Hurricanes won in Game #7 over Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils. In fact, Cam Ward has now beaten Martin Brodeur in his 2 head to head playoff showdowns. Anaheim and Carolina are currently +1815 to win the Stanley Cup. Therefore, in order for you to win your bet on Anaheim or Carolina, you would have to wager $100 to win $1815.
    Current odds to win the Stanley Cup
  • Detroit Red Wings +145
  • Vancouver Canucks +545
  • Chicago Blackhawks +1415
  • Anaheim Ducks +1815
  • Boston Bruins +385
  • Washington Capitals +565
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +565
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1815

2009 NHL Playoffs - Stanley Cup Odds

The following NHL Playoff payouts were listed before the playoff started and only 16 teams made the playoffs this season. Here are the 2008/09 Stanley Cup payouts as of April 15th 2009.

• Odds to win the Stanley Cup
• Boston Bruins +645
• San Jose Sharks +425
• Detroit Red Wings +425
• Vancouver Canucks +1015
• Chicago Blackhawks +1725
• Calgary Flames +3050
• Washington Capitals +1085
• New Jersey Devils +1245
• Philadelphia Flyers +2250
• Pittsburgh Penguins +1415
• Carolina Hurricanes +1815
• Columbus Blue Jackets +4050
• Anaheim Ducks +3050
• St Louis Blues +6050
• New York Rangers +3050
• Montreal Canadiens +3550

2008/09 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Before the 2008/09 NHL season begun, released odds on who would win the NHL Stanley Cup and they are listed below.

NHL Playoff odds as of Thursday, September 18, 2008

Detroit Red Wings 5/1
Pittsburgh Penguins 6/1
San Jose Sharks 8.5/1
Montreal Canadiens 8/1
Dallas Stars 13/1
Anaheim Ducks 11/1
New York Rangers 10/1
Ottawa Senators 17/1
Philadelphia Flyers 11/1
Washington Capitals 17/1
New Jersey Devils 13/1
Carolina Hurricanes 31/1
Minnesota Wild 31/1
Colorado Avalanche 31/1
Boston Bruins 31/1
Buffalo Sabres 31/1
Calgary Flames 16/1
Nashville Predators 56/1
Vancouver Canucks 26/1
Chicago Blackhawks 21/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 71/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 36/1
Edmonton Oilers 36/1
Florida Panthers 71/1
Atlanta Thrashers 86/1
St. Louis Blues 71/1
New York Islanders 71/1
Phoenix Coyotes 41/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 76/1
Los Angeles Kings 76/1

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