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NFL Super Bowl Proves Parity again (2009-02-02)
Sports Handicappers Betting Articles:Tony George

By Tony George


What a Super Bowl it was this past weekend.  As I cashed in my Top Premium Play on the Cards, taking me to 15-3 ATS in Super Bowl Sides in my now 18 year career as a capper, I was more caught up in the game than I usually am, since all my emotion is usually point spread based, and not “fan” based.  That is the nature of the beast in sports capping, you rarely just get to enjoy a game, and the hyped ones never live up to expectations.  In recent years, just like last year, it comes down a few big plays and some excellent football.  Cinderella story or not, the Cards proved again that the parity level in the NFL is more than present, and Vegas oddsmakers continue to make Super Bowl wagers for sharps like myself easy pickings 2 years in a row on the side plays. 


Just like 2008, the heavy underdog covered the number, and the Cards had plenty of chances to win this game, but again, just like they always say, DEFENSE wins big games, and although the Steelers allowed ageless QB Kurt Warner over 340 yards passing, with a defense that only allowed over 300 yards total offense twice this season, the defense made the plays that put the game away.  Many thought this game would be lopsided, I was not one of them. 


This game proved a high octane offense can in fact neutralize a good defense, and I stated all week, If the Cards can score 21, they cover, and if the score 28 they would win it, both scenarios remain intact.  No one does it uglier than Ben Rothlesburger at QB, but the guy is a gamer and gets it done big time, with a history making 2 minute game winning drive, and at the tender age of 26, has 2 Super Bowl rings on his bookshelf.  He will be the first to tell you, the Cards were the real deal.


Once again the underdog covered and unlike last year when the Giants won straight up, the Cards covered and had as much right to the title as Pittsburgh but fell short.  Lesson learned again folks, laying big points in a championship game is a dangerous proposition, as the parity level once again proves its worth in big games, because no one gets to the Super Bowl by accident, especially beating Carolina on the road in convincing fashion, and physically manhandling a solid Eagles team in the title game.  Keep that in mind next year when and if a team gets a TD or more on the point spread.


JUST A NOTE:  Thanks for all your business in Pro Football this past season, I appreciate it.



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