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Hannah Hilton

Hanna Hilton


Hanna Hilton Babe the the Day

Hanna Hilton Penthouse Pet of the Month

I'm Hanna Hilton, Twistys Treat of the Month for November. I was thrilled to be selected to be a Treat, as I've only just started out modeling. So far, it's been great and I love it! I'm proud to be part of the amazing line-up of babes on Twistys - and thank you to all the fans who wrote in and requested to see more of me.

I don't regret anything that's happened to me in my life. I've been really lucky. I have a great family and friends, and I've had the chance to do lots of interesting things. I would love to move to California one day - the weather is so perfect! But for now, I'm a mid-west girl, and proud of it. I've worked hard to accomplish my goals right where I am, and I've been able to make most of my dreams come true.

As for relationships, I am attracted to guys who share my sense of fun and independence. Nothing is a bigger turn-on than someone who gives me my space! I love trying new things, so a guy has to be open-minded and adventurous. My best dates have been where we just head out together, not knowing what the night will bring. Inevitably, it brings good things, LOL!

I'm a really sexual person, so it doesn't take much to put me in the mood. I'm a sucker for a romantic guy, so things like soft music, candles and massage usually do the trick.

I hope you all enjoy my Treat sets as much as I enjoyed making them! I'm still pretty new to modeling, so the good folks at Twistys were great, and I loved working with them. I'm just getting started, so I hope to see a lot more of you! See you inside!

Hanna xoxoxo

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