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Let Ron Raymond help you make some money betting NFL football this season!

ATS point spread stats

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Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond
Ron Raymond
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NFL Football Contests

The Phoenix Sports Ticket presents the 9th Annual NFL Football Contest sponsored by ATS Database. Contest players make 7 NFL picks per week, side and/or totals, the player with the most amounts of units won at the end of the 17 Week NFL schedule wins. If you’re good at making NFL Picks and like to join in NFL Football Contests, then consider the 9th Annual Football Contest at Phoenix Sports.

NFL Football Odds Schedule

The 2009 NFL Football odds schedule has been released and the Steelers will kick off the season on Thursday, September 10th vs. the Tennessee Titans.

NFL Betting Stats

The NFL Football season is only a few months away and sports bettors are already starting to do their homework and one of the best NFL Handicapping tools players are using is the ATS Database. Not only does the ATS Database provides NFL Betting Stats for NFL bettors, but it carries years of College Football Betting stats and several databases in which players can research their own NFL and College Football queries.


How to Make Money Betting NFL Football?

Hockey Handicapper Ron Raymond Since 1996, Ron Raymond has been one of the first pioneers of the online handicapping business and has developed and created over 20+ sports handicapping gaming sites. Ron is the creator and inventor of the ATS Calculator and has created many other sports betting tools like the ATS Database and the ATS Rating web sites.

Ron Raymond Quote -  "The way this software can predict OVER/UNDERS will blow you away!"

Have you ever wondered why the NFL is so popular amongst its fans? Granted, the hardcore football fans that once played the game either at the Pop Warner, High School or College level, looks at it from a fundamental point of view. If you’ve ever played or coached the game of football, you’re first instinct of watching a football game is to look at the offensive and defensive lines, as the o-line will dictate what type of play is coming towards the defense.

For example, if you see the offensive lineman explode out of their stance and block forward, you know it’s a running play, if they drop back in their stance, there’s a good chance it’s a passing play or they could be running a screen or a draw play.

But, the reason why most football fans watch the game is because they have some type of “interest” in the game. The interest doesn’t necessarily mean money on the game, it could be in the form of an office pools or if you’re involved in a fantasy football league. However, NFL Betting is very popular amongst guys between the age of 18 to 55, as it keeps them interested in not only one game, but all of the games going on that week.

The NFL plays 17 weeks of football and then by January, the playoffs start and the Super Bowl is normally played at the end of January or the first week of February.

How to make winning NFL picks?

Making NFL Football picks straight up without using the point spread is not as hard as making picks using the point spread. However, the way parity has been in the NFL the last 7 years, it’s sometimes harder to pick teams without the point spread then using the ATS numbers. I mean, when you have a line like Dallas Cowboys -3 vs. the New England Patriots, this is basically a field goal game and I don’t see much of a difference if the game was a PK’em, as it’s very rare you see a final score decided by 2 points or less.

What does the term ATS and SU mean? When you see a term or phrase that goes something like the Pittsburgh Steelers are 7-3-0 ATS, this means the Steelers are 7-3 “Against the Spread”. When you see a line that says; “Denver Broncos are 14-1 SU”, this means the Broncos are 14-1 straight up. Also, in sports betting there’s a term called OVER/UNDER and you will see the abbreviation of O/U in some sentences, this means if the game went OVER or UNDER the total posted by Las Vegas Sportsbooks or Offshore Sportsbooks.

Example: Bookmaker.com has posted a total of 46.5 on the New York Giants vs. Miami Dolphins game. This means if you want to bet on the O/U on this game, you have to pick OVER 46.5 or UNDER 46.5. If I go to a Las Vegas Sportsbooks and bet OVER 46.5, I wager $110 dollars to win $100 or $11 dollars to win $10. How to use ATS Stats to help me win money?

In my view, sports betting is all about the law of averages and parity. How are you attacking your picks each week, do you flip a quarter, so you look at highlights on Sportscenter and because that team won last week, you will bet against them again this week? These are things you need to factor when making your pick. When the Las Vegas Bookmakers make their lines on the NFL and College Football games, you need to look at that number and then ask yourself; “OK, how did they come up with that number?”

ATS Stats is built on exactly this foundation of dissecting the Las Vegas and Offshore bookmaker’s lines. ATS STATS has different areas which display different results on formulas we’ve entered into the system and it gives the sports bettors the results against the spread.

Here are some of the Key section you must use when purchasing a membership at ATS Stats.

  • ATS Matchups
  • Team Trends
  • Super Stats
  • Head to Head
  • Strength of Schedule
  • Parity Value Index
  • Linemoves
  • Smart Stats
  • Cheatsheet
  • Regular Database
  • Super Database
  • Smart Database
Plus, in the next month or so, ATS Stats will be rolling out a new feature called “Line Accuracy” and it monitors the line movement of 2 Sportsbooks and depending on how that line is moving, it tells the bettors which pick to take on that game based on the line move.

Here are 3 key baseball betting systems ATS STATS releases to it’s members.

ATLANTA: When ANY MLB Team played as a Home team - Last 3 years - During the month of June - Playing on Wednesday - Coming off a Home win as a Favorite - Allowed 5 runs or more AGAINST in their last game.

  • SU Record: 12-3-0
  • OVER/UNDER Record: 8-7-0

LOS ANGELES: When ANY MLB Team played as a -180 to -200 Home Favorite - Playing on Wednesday - Vs NL WEST opponents - During a night game - Coming off vs. Right handed pitcher.

  • SU Record: 21-2-0
  • OVER/UNDER Record: 12-10-1

SAN DIEGO: When ANY MLB Team played as a Home team - Total is between 7.5 to 8.0 - Vs Non Division Opponent - 3rd game of a series - Coming off a night game - Coming off lost vs. Left handed pitcher - Coming off a 2 game losing streak.

  • SU Record: 13-3-0
  • OVER/UNDER Record: 10-2-4

Keys to winning at NFL Football

In conclusion, here’s a snippet on how to tackle the upcoming NFL Football betting season. If you go back the last 10, 20 or 50 years of past football games, you will have what I call the A-B-C teams of football.

A Teams: The A-Team lives by the Al Davis rule of thumb; “Just win baby!” The A Type teams do nothing but win football games and cover spreads

B Teams: The B-Teams are what I call the “Law of Average” type teams, they win one week and lose the next.

C Teams: The C-Teams are the bad football teams who have all the worst luck in the world and do nothing but lose and blow point spread covers for us gamblers. Maybe the Cincinnati Bengals should move to another city that doesn’t start with C!

Once you can established these 3 types of teams, use the SMART STATS at ATS STATS to help determine which cycle these teams are involved in and then make your picks accordingly.

Like the old saying goes; “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink”. If I translate, buy an ATS STATS membership, you will be glad somebody lead you to this site, as it will help your sports betting immensely.

Ron Raymond is a 4-time NFL Handicapping Champion and the owner and founder of the Phoenix Sports Ticket. Ron has reviewed some games for NFL Week 1 and he’s released some NFL tips and picks for your review. The NFL lines you see below can change, as these lines were released in May! Make sure to join the PST 9th annual NFL football contest this season and make your weekly picks to win some money.

Online Sportsbook Promotions

Each betting season, sports gamblers are looking for a new sportsbook to open a wagering account and one of the main attractions when opening a sportsbook is receiving a bonus on your 1st deposit. Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of Phoenix Sports Ticket recommends the following Sportsbooks, Casinos and Poker Sites.

Recommended Sportsbooks: Online Sportsbooks

Bookmaker Sportsbook: Where the Line Originates and check out their new parlay and teaser cards for this NFL betting season.

SBGGlobal Sportsbook: SBG Global has become one of Ron’s favorite books with some of the best bonuses in the industry.

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